Personal Injury

Injuries and accidents have devastating effects on the lives of individuals and families. Effective, caring legal representation can enable victims and their families to avoid many of the more severe consequences by providing monetary compensation to ensure adequate medical treatment and to provide for rehabilitation and other expenses that result from the loss. We are extremely proud of our success in enabling our clients to receive substantial recoveries for their personal injury, wrongful death and other tort claims.

Mr. Poe has represented hundreds of individuals and families who have been victims of serious automobile and industrial accidents, fire and other catastrophic events.

Mr. Poe's advocacy for his clients has resulted in numerous significant jury verdicts, settlements and appellate decisions, including the largest personal injury recovery in North Carolina as reported by Lawyers Weekly in 1995. View Case Studies

Mediation (inactive)
Selecting the right person to help resolve a lawsuit is never an easy task. Joe Poe has been trying cases and has been engaged in all aspects of civil litigation for over 40 years. He is a highly qualified DRC Certified Superior Court Mediator. In order to facilitate the specific needs of all parties involved in both mandatory and voluntary mediated settlement conferences, Joe travels to many North Carolina counties and locations, as well as hosting conferences at his office. He considers it an honor to be selected and trusted with the task of filling this important non-interested party role and feels privileged to be involved in helping to keep the momentum going for cases involved in our legal system.